Sunday Times article about Castle Combe

Staying in Castle Combe

staying in Castle CombeThe sunday Times have published a lovely article about life in Castle Combe for the residents of the village. The piece also describes what a wonderful place it is to visit and emphasises the sheer ‘Englishness’ of the village and the magic of staying in Castle Combe.

Being such a beautiful place, Castle Combe sees tens of thousands of visitors every year. Of course, The Keeper’s Lodge is a short walk from the village and away from the tourists. Staying with us gives the best of both worlds; easy walking access to the village, and the peace and tranquility of the Wiltshire countryside.

Have a read of the article on The Sunday Times website below:

The Sunday Times article about living in Castle Combe

If you are interested in staying in Castle Combe, please get in touch.  

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